Impact Industrial specializes in custom manufacture of all varieties of pressure vessels, fabricated on-site from carbon steel, stainless steel, and exotic alloys. Our designs, components, and assemblies are used in a variety of industries - including oil-field processes, health, power-generation, agriculture, transport, and VOC infrastructure.

With excellent strategic partnerships, Impact Industrial quickly accesses in-demand materials for our customers, ensuring the least amount of costly downtime. Our Edmonton facility uses up-to-date, scalable and innovative methods to weld and fabricate pressure vessels, which means that the end-product is defined by your specifications, not by our equipment.

Pressure vessel fabrication requires dedication, reliability, and exacting performance by our employees in order to meet stringent safety and quality controls. Our adherence to our clients’ specifications and timelines, as well as compliance with industry best practices are the marks we set for our success. Contact us by phone or email today to discuss the specs for your next pressure vessel project.

Finish Options: Industrial high solids epoxy, powder coated, and galvanized steel


Impact Industrial has the following quality assurance measures in place for pressure vessel fabrication:
  • ASME Sec VIII-1 Pressure Vessels
  • CSA B51
  • ASME B31.1 Power Piping
  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping
  • ABSA APQ-1429